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...I was sitting on a Dock of the Bay and was looking at The Offspring, so i saw a Full Album After Dark. There were Green Onions and i thought about to Take Five. It was a Lovely Day, instead of Ram Jam with Black Betty. She shouted out and screamed: Bow your Head in Hard Times with Sissy Stru. This means Aint no Love in the Heart of the City. Then Use Me to Dream On and be Egotronic like a B-Komplex. Then you will find the Girl with Flowers. Travelling up the Country together and Seize the Day for a Daydream in Blue to Express Yourself. Live the Miracles in the Spartacus Love Theme, thats why you Can`t you hear me knocking yet. Where Am i Going, feels like Blur, ok, Song2 shows Visions in my mind supported by Nuages Dreams. Oh Wonder, All we Do is Shimmy Shimmy Yaaa. I If i ruled the World, Imagine that, All Good when Chaka Khan meet Funkdoobiest. Wopbabalubop. With a Pharcyde Drop u get the Ganstarr Full clip, some see just the war of all LowRiders...


The Incredible Bongo Band plays Apache with Kool and the gang. Its Dangerous. Use Me while Stand by me, Dusko Veshyad. Get Up in the clouds and Shake everything you got. Mr Lawrence and his Rats dance Another Samba. Then they See the light of Day. Hi Ich bin Howard, was like a Shinedown of Milk and honey at a Bar. For Homecoming please Kick in the door, Do you believe? With you, remember Eins zwo danke gut, Nas is like Thomas D und seine Philophie an einem Ruhetag im blumentopf. Chillfaktor Chillen is Built for this Identitäter/Beginner, then Alles Möglich ohne Risiko mit Abstrakkt und der Zeit. Meine Fans sind vom Lichtplanet und Ich lass es nicht ran an mich, denn Polizisten sagen Die welt steht still. Nein das war Jan delay der Flashgott, er sah Schöne Blumen flowin mit Immo im Urlaub am attersee. Endlich nichtschwimmer und Moin Bumm Tschakk. Es war Fünf sterne Deluxe für mich als Deichkind - bon voyage. Mit dem Kopfnicker und Dj thomekk sangen wir 123 Rhymes Galore. Als Kleiner Mann,Hit em High und du bist Back in the Game like Phoenix. Equality and the Moment of truth is more than Mach One-Reminisce. Einzigartig! Also 2Pac was Trapped. So we need Früsche Wind and Pyro. I kum zrugg mitem Härz uf dr Stroos. Murder by dialect isch So andersch mit der Möchtegang, they play Black Violin. We suggesting the The Doo Bop Song on a Blue Monday by New Order. So we see Music makes the World go Round and Remember Me, Blue Boy, bcs I Am I Be DelaSoul. OOOHH, Kid Koala wants More Dance Music at the Refugee Camp AllStar Cantaloop on Flip Fantasias. Watch, Here comes the Hotstepper, named Kriss Kross. They Jump like a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Poison Lips and a shirt with primt: Punk Rock is Us. Next Supertramp Cannonball meets The Passenger in Lust for Life. Blooodhound Gang eats Fettes Brot. Bleib Locker, Mein Leben ist ein Freestyle. Parantatatam. Werbistich. Kündigung mit Weltschmerz des Inside Man Rapper in the Subway. Wonderfull Life as Redman with The four Owls Old Earth. Show me the Way like Brothers in Arms. Pink Floyd Ist Deine Zeit in My House und wir Fliegen.


Woke up this morning in the Waiting Line and God Bless that i’m Losing my Religion of Zombies ina Mad World. More than Words. You`re Missing in the Secret Garden Eden. Theres Fields of Gold and Its probably Me, a Englishman in NY with The Book of Love. Glücklich mit Flava in Ya Ear and High and Mighty Meaning. This Strokes Chances with the Knights in White Satin. Rasputin wants to Love the Way you move in Caravan Palace Pure Lone Digger calls Erik Satie R. Rhapsody on a Cypress Hill with People in the Frontrow. Bur We Got the Funk and Beatnuts from Misirlou. Hirt, the Maggot Brain is Moodyman. I just don`t know what to do with myself brought the question: Where is my mind. I Know your enemy so Rage against the machine. Korn of Prodigy is the Mosambique Travelplan. All  this Love that i am giving, its like Birthday. So Come on eileen, I`m a man. LetsHoochie Coochie. Why me? Schuldlos schuldig. Its a Quantic Standup with Princess Chelsea (she is Morgens immer Müde). Wenn Du tanzt you loose Steine, so Lass Los amd find The Supremes. Stop in the name of love, better do Selber machen lassen. Denken sie  gross means Wünsch dir was and then Beat it, its the Wind of Change and the Sultans of Swing will start to act Strange...In the morning, we recognize La Clé des Champs. Through Serenity i Write a letter to myself. Every wall is a door to The old gods - Worakls. Tabula rasa. Who loves the sun? Domino by AME REJ and We Come 1 in Gotham. Its Seinfeld, U the Antiphon about Civil war. Child in time - Dazed and confused. Like Stairway to heaven to Have a cigar with a Sheep with the Bohemian Rhapsody. In the Land of confusion, its like the Immigrant song. Thunderstruck, While my guitar gently sweeps La Grange to zz top and Feeling good to Muse with Knight of Cydonia.


What its like? FREEDOM

since 1979. So GO with the flow but Do i wanna know? Are you gonna be my girl, little sister, this brings me to life. We talk about The good the bad and the queen, but YouRe unbelievable. Be who you are like a Freak on leash. Smack m bitch up so i`m Fit but you know it. Intergalactic and Everything is borrowed. Space oddity with a Heart shaped box. Nirvana - In bloom Tribute. So please send me on my way, with other young folks named peter björn and john. Got a second chance to walking on a dream.


Theres No Loser of the Soundgarden. Where is at? Deeper underground, next to the Hardest button to button to empire of the sun, like kids. breakbot. metronomy. electric feel at the roots. So ok go lets get mo horizons yes baby yes. We go transatlantic and Papa was a rolling stone. Dont leave me this way little ghetto boy. dont phunk with my heart, because there pumped up kicks. So come with me now and break free. show me love and believe in you. I believe in a thing called love and there is a whole lotta love. eblouie par la nuit with new shoes, yellow is magic and paradise in this coldplay.


alanis morissette will heal the world und ich weiss warum. einfach sein denn wir ernten was wir säen, wie die die fantatstischen vier mit rückenwind und als krieger mit 54321 zum turntable turnabout bei cornelius. i am sorry, i had sekundschlaf im welt der wunder von Marteria. Der drug song sorgte für eine freudenträne, wie das Girl in the fire intro von florence and the machine. dog days are over bcs i am me. Thats the way down we go, you whitest boy alive in the golden cage. Feel intentions like in 1517 and Badaboom no more Miami Yacine. Instead you`ve Clear soul forces to Keep it real. 7 Eleven Coffee to White knuckle ride with No one than I need at a Nighshift. Easy, get it up and shove it Lady. Wrekonize the Phenomenon - OOh lala. New Roads of Curse`s Riders on the Storm to enter The Doors. Say Hello i love you, gib mir Diese Stadt oder es Its all over now Kansas. E Lebändigi Gschicht and Another one bites the dust. perfect is this love from Alborosie kingston town with Sister Nancy - BAM BAM. Dont be so shy because Everybody loves the sunshine Pusherman, Feel it still at M83 an the River flows in you. Be Mine!




MAGIC OAKHEAD. In Brugg is The Chain, but With a little help of my friend, Everlast, i will Put you lights on in a Sensitive kind at the Stone river in Tijuana. Patience n Living darfur a Gangster blues. Viel zu spät, Stealth. Jedi mind Tricks are Keep n lovin. So Moustache mamas, Oh baby reminder, theres gemini Time and Space Knights are Conjure Dreams. Sense City life with a Dark song from Audiofly. Aviatism n Clockwork. The smiling Shaman will Die Liebe in Your Style with Birds and Session Victim. Hector Couto knows the Phenomena at Crosstwon traffic. Blues deluxe Make things happen - Magic with the Thunder in the sky. All i need to Enjoy the ride, is a Blues Chair. Dont stop the music, aber Wo Bisch? Heart keeps dancing Crystalized, what a Love Theme. We got the Power but No Eyes with Eple to Remind me to the Mourning Sound. Free Bird, go to the tunnel of Love and My Love is your Love. Remember everything and Cut the Chord. Bring me to Life and Dream on.


My Baby Balla Balla like Beth Hart and her Skin, Jazz Man…


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